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Your hair is an integral part of your image, which is why thinning looks and baldness can be a crushing blow to your self-esteem. But imagine not worrying about hair loss ever again.

SMP Clinics is a leading national scalp micropigmentation company that offers the most natural hair loss solution for men and women with thinning hair, balding and hair transplant scars. We have helped transform the lives of thousands of people in our clinics across the United States who have left their hair loss problems behind forever.

We are dedicated to helping you find the best scalp micropigmentation clinic in your area. We offer trusted, local contractors and professional technicians who have heaps of experience in the field as well as the best technology, equipment, and training to handle any and all smp treatments.

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  • Free consultations
  • Quick response time
  • Latest technology and equipment
  • Professional service and quality work
  • We strive to give you perfect results
  • No hidden fees
  • Our technicians are highly experienced
  • We use medical grade pigment
  • There is no recuperation time after treatment.
  • We perform high-quality work at affordable and competitive rates.

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frequently asked questions

Welcome to the future of hair loss treatments!

Scalp micropigmentation is a noninvasive non-surgical treatment that uses very fine micro-needles to place pigment into the scalp to replicate hair follicles. The procedure creates the illusion of a full head of hair that has been freshly shaven and can be used to treat large and small areas of baldness, to make thinning hair look fuller, to restore a receding hairline and to hide scars from hair transplant surgery.

Micropigmentation works well for people who have lost their hair through male pattern baldness, alopecia, hormonal conditions and female pattern baldness. It is important to note that SMP does not stop hair loss or result in new hair growth. What it does do is make it appear that you have a fuller head of hair than you actually do. The goal is to make your hair loss undetectable.

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