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Hair loss can be an embarrassing and traumatizing experience that shakes your self-confidence and self-worth more than you could ever have imagined. At our clinics, we know baldness and thinning hair can be painful and hard to handle. That is why we have changed the lives of a countless number of men and women with scalp micropigmentation. If you’re looking for a hair restoration treatment with a 100% success rate, we can help.

Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect solution for men and women who have lost or are losing their hair because of genetics, certain medications, pregnancy, stress or alopecia. No longer does anyone have to settle for unreliable or expensive treatments that just don’t work.

Living and working in San Diego means you are always coming into contact with people at the office, in shops, when socializing in bars and restaurants, or visiting places of interest such as San Diego Zoo, Seaport Village or Old Town State Historic Park. It’s only natural to want to feel confident and looking your best. However, we understand that baldness and thinning locks may get you down and sap your energy. Well, those days are over, thanks to scalp micropigmentation, which restores the appearance of a full head of hair.

What is San Diego Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation goes by several names such as hair tattooing, tricopigmentation and scalp pigmentation. It is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss that provides immediate and long-lasting results for men and women. The revolutionary process uses thousands of specialized micro-needles to place tiny dots of pigments within the dermal or middle layer of the scalp. This is an advanced form of medical tattooing that replicates your natural follicle pattern, creating a shaved head look. SMP can also be used to add density to thinning hair and camouflage hair transplant scars.

Your SMP practitioner will work with you over the course of two to four sessions to create your desired look.

Among the many benefits of a San Diego hair tattoo are:

• Non-surgical treatment with no minimal recovery time.
• Relatively pain-free hair micropigmentation.
• Natural-looking results.
• A long-term solution to hair loss.
• Covers up scars.
• Adds density to thinning hair.
• Scalp micropigmentation restores hairlines for men and women.
• Budget-friendly.

The pigments we use at our San Diego clinic are specifically created for SMP hair treatments, and unlike body tattoo ink, they do not eventually turn into another color. Instead, they fade gradually over time. Color can be immediately restored with a quick booster session.

Is There a Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic Near Me?

As a national company, we have SMP hair clinics all over the United States. We proudly serve residents of San Diego with SMP treatments, and if for some reason there isn’t a scalp micropigmentation clinic near your neighborhood, we’ll refer you to one of our local partners.

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in San Diego?

At our clinic, we provide high-quality work at affordable and competitive prices with no hidden charges. Scalp micropigmentation costs are different for each person and depend on the amount of scalp area to be covered. At the time of your initial and free consultation, we will be in a position to give you an accurate, no-obligation quote for your treatment.

SMP consultations are carried out in-person in one of our San Diego clinics or remotely by voice or video call.

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We look forward to helping transform your life with a long-term solution that disguises your hair loss and leaves you feeling fabulous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the future of hair loss treatments! Scalp micropigmentation is a noninvasive non-surgical treatment that uses very fine micro-needles to place pigment or tattoo ink into the scalp to replicate hair follicles. The procedure creates the illusion of a full head of hair that has been freshly shaven and can be used to treat large and small areas of baldness, to make thinning hair look fuller, to restore a receding hairline and to hide scars from hair transplant surgery.

Micropigmentation works well for people who have lost their hair through male pattern baldness, alopecia, hormonal conditions and female pattern baldness. It is important to note that SMP does not stop hair loss or result in new hair growth. What it does do is make it appear that you have a fuller head of hair than you actually do. The goal is to make your hair loss undetectable.
Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution for hair loss that will positively transform the way you look and feel about yourself. The strength of the color will remain for several years but will gradually start to fade a little, and you will notice a slight lightening, much like the fading of body tattoos. Several factors contribute to this, including the type of pigment used, skin tone, the quality of the original procedure and sun exposure. The more your scalp is exposed to the sun's rays, the faster the treatment will fade.

When this happens, you have two choices:

1) Let the slightly fading color remain, perhaps to reflect the greying and lightening of hair as you age.

2) Restore the pigment's original strength with a brief touch up session.
SMP is a form of cosmetic tattooing that is also known as hair tattooing. However, it is very different from the type of body tattoo you might have on your arms, back or legs. The key differences are:

1) The equipment. Scalp micropigmentation practitioners use smaller needles that are designed specifically for the scalp. They also deposit smaller amounts of ink.

2) The tattooing technique. Unlike body tattooing, which involves creating lines and shading the skin, SMP places tiny dots of pigment into the scalp's dermal or middle layer. When viewed from close, these pigment dots appear like real hair follicles.

3) The type of ink used. The pigments used for SMP have been created specifically for this use, and unlike the ink used for the body, they are not composed of dyes and colors. SMP ink is diluted to match a person's hair coloring and will not change color over time, as can happen with body tattoo ink.
SMP is delivered over a series of treatment sessions. Every person is different, but on average, two to four visits are required, spaced a few weeks apart for the best results. The number of sessions is determined by the client's hair and skin color, the rate of pigment fading they experience, the shade of pigment and whether there are any potentially tricky areas to treat such as scar tissue.
Yes, absolutely. Hair loss is not a men-only problem. Women can lose their hair for several reasons, such as a side effect of some medications, alopecia, stress, extreme hairstyling and aging. Typically, hair loss is encountered in a diffuse thinning pattern, which is easily remedied with scalp micropigmentation. This is a realistic hair loss solution for women that disguises hair loss areas with tiny pigmentation deposits, giving the illusion of having denser hair. The micropigmentation dots will blend with your existing hair color, resulting in a completely natural look, even at a close range.

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